Whether you’re faced with a suspected drug or alcohol problem with one of your drivers or need an assessment of a driver with a confirmed DUI, Finding Solutions is capable of professionally and confidentially addressing the issue. We additionally provide mental health assessments and outpatient counseling and referral services on an individual basis or as part of an established employee assistance program.

Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Counseling and DUI Evaluations

When you experience a problem with one of your drivers, your first step is to assess the issue in order to determine the correct course of action. We evaluate the driver and the circumstances of the problem, and recommend the best method of dealing with the issue. Your employee gets the help he needs and you ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect your business interests and to meet Department of Transportation requirements.

Outpatient Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Counseling

We offer direct service for outpatient therapy and counseling for mental health and drug and alcohol counseling concerns. The initial assessment is conducted at our offices. Dependent upon the severity of the problem, additional counseling may take place in our offices, or the patient may be referred to another counseling, therapy or substance abuse professional (SAP) for further evaluation and treatment.