Finding Solutions is a provider of direct consultation and referral services for meeting the unique challenges faced in the commercial trucking and transportation industry. Ensuring the physiological and cognitive health of drivers is of the utmost importance to trucking companies and other small businesses. Not only are there Department of Transportation requirements that must be met, but concerns regarding liability and public safety to consider as well.

With more than 25 years of outpatient counseling experience under our belts, we founded Finding Solutions in 2003 to address the specific needs of trucking companies and other small businesses. We understand the imperative of assessing drivers’ competence and dealing efficiently and promptly with any mental health, drug or alcohol problems exhibited by drivers.

We provide expert drug and alcohol counseling, mental health therapy services, and employee assistance programs which are specifically designed to meet the needs of employers in the commercial trucking and transportation sector. We additionally provide substance abuse and mental health assessments and professional referral services.

Located in Millersville, Pennsylvania, Finding Solutions services the Lancaster, York, Daulphin and Lebanon communities. We bring a commitment to compassion and competence to the table, and a dedication to providing accurate assessments and effective and confidential solutions for your problems.